Your Photographer

My purpose as a music and portrait photographer is to help capture the essence of musicians—whether it be on stage, on location, or in the studio. 


Let's Collaborate 


Photos are most rewarding when you have an idea and get to see it brought to life. Which is why my goal in taking your photo is to work with you on getting the best photo we can. Throughout our work, I'll show you the photos I've been taking and we'll work together on crafting what you like best.


I love seeing the joy on someone's face when they see a photo of themselves that they love, especially if they haven't been pleased with other photos in the past.


Growing up in Idaho I'm a transplant to Tacoma. While attending university I began to take an interest in photography. During that time I was mostly striving to take landscape photos but after compiling a portfolio I noticed that I had more portrait than landscape shots. Not only did I like the photos, but I had really enjoyed taking them. After that experience, I began to pursue more portraiture.

After moving to Tacoma I began taking photos at local concerts and from there it is has grown into a field I love.


While I primarily work with digital photography, my favorite medium is a black and white film.


I love to see the flowers at Point Defiance, hike to waterfalls, and stare at Mount Ranier for as long as possible when it's a clear day. Once I saw a whale out in Commencement Bay and I still get excited every time I think about it.