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Ayla Nereo Concert Photos

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Ayla Nereo has recently been on tour with Nahko and Medicine for the People and it was while taking photos of their concert in Tacoma that I first head Ayla's music.

I was blown away. Not only by her music, which was wonderful live, but by her stage presence, crowd interaction, and how genuine she was. Seldom have I ever seen an artist that so fully matches and embraces everything that their music has to offer.

Ayla was a stunning opener for Nahko Bear and his crew. Her message was right in line with Nahko's and the crowd loved her. Her energy was contagious and she really got the crowd excited.

Not only was her music full of love but her words were too. I loved her message of the importance of protecting and loving nature, her dedicating a song to today's youth leaders, and her introducing one song as a "love letter to the universe."

Since the concert, I have briefly corresponded with Ayla and she has proven to be as kind and considerate as her music and live performance would lead one to believe.

I had an amazing time taking Ayla Nereo's photos and I hope to be able to do so again. She is returning to Seattle in just a few weeks and I'm definitely sad that I will be out of town during her concert.

Be sure to check out Ayla's music, writing, and journey on her website and Instagram

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