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Musician Highlight—Trusty Sea Creatures

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Tacoma musician Trusty Sea Creature in font of "no parking" garage photo by Washington music and band photographer Bret Stein

Tacoma musician Trust Sea Creatures (stage name of Jonathan Mahler) and I first met at a house show north of Seattle. We had gone to see the band Cinders and ended up talking much of the night. However, it wasn't until a few months later when we randomly met at a McDonalds that we exchanged contact info.

Jonathan is a super talented musician and recently self-released an album that he recorded at his house that is definitely worth listening to.

A few weeks ago we met up in downtown Tacoma to take some photos of Jonathan wandering the streets.

The premise of the shoot was simple: go to Opera Ally at dusk and take some photos of Jonathan with the great aesthetics of downtown Tacoma.

Jonathan on his part was classy as ever. I'm not sure if I've ever seen him without a scarf.

I started off the evening shooting handheld to good results.

Tacoma musician Trusty Sea Creature looking over his shoulder and wearing a scarf by Tacoma music photographer Bret Stein

Dusk was coming quickly and we moved to a tripod and some more posed shots like the one on the top of the page and the one below.

Intentionally blurry photo of Tacoma musician Trusty Sea Creature sitting in front of a garage by photographer Bret Stein

At the end of the evening, we even took some photos with a flash.

Tacoma Washington musician Trusty Sea Creature wearing a scarf and blazer by Seattle music and band photographer Bret Stein
Tacoma musician Trusty Sea Creature standing in a restaurant entryway by US-based music and band photographer Bret Stein

We had a great time taking music photos and it's always a pleasure hanging out with Jonathan. We also got a great collection of photos featuring him looking to his right.

Bonus photo:

Soon after taking these music portraits I also had the chance to see Jonathan play an amazing acoustic set and take some concert photos at Real Art Tacoma. Jonathan's album is far from acoustic, so it was a real pleasure to hear him play with just him and his guitar.

Musician Trusty Sea Creature singing and playing acoustic guitar at Real Art Tacoma by music photographer Bret Stein

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