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Portrait Locations—Chambers Bay

Chambers Bay is one of the most iconic locations in the Tacoma and University Place area; it's a paradise for portrait photographers. There is a good chance you have seen photos taken at Chambers Bay before, and in this blog post I'm going to highlight some of the best spots at Chambers Bay to take portraits.

As a quick note: the park itself is called Chambers Creek Regional Park, but I have never actually heard anyone refer to it by this name. However, this is the name to use if using a GPS to take them there.

There are many locations to take photos throughout the whole Chambers Bay area, and you're really only limited by your imagination and willingness to walk. I'm going to highlight what I view as the five main portrait locations.

1. Large Standing Concrete Buildings

These might be the most noticeable structures in the park. Seven large concrete slabs all lined up showing where a building once stood. They make great backdrops and can be used in variety of ways for a portrait.

Portrait of Amira Hyneman in front of concrete at Chambers Bay Tacoma

Boy running at Chambers Bay University Place Washington

2. The Pillars

This might be my favorite spot in the park to take photos. These large pillars/columns are a great way to frame your subject, a nice object to lean against, or make for some fun symmetry in the background. The possibilities with these are limitless.

 Portrait of girl in red dress at chambers bay pillars Tacoma Washington

3. Old Foundations

These are just west of the last concrete "building" remains. They're sort of covered in dirt and grass but make some really nice backdrops, or allow you to get some higher ground.

Portrait of Amira Hyneman At Chambers Bay Park Tacoma

4. The Bridge

This bridge is great at sunset, and most any other time. While it can be a little hard to find a moment when there arn't other people walking across the bridge, with some patience you can get great shots. It also allows you to get up high so that the Puget Sound can be your background.

Portrait of boy at Chambers Bay bridge Tacoma

Portrait of Amira Hyneman with sunset and Puget Sound

5. The Field

You can't go wrong with a large green field! There is lots of space for your subject to stand with the Sound, park, or old buildings in the background. It's an all around versatile place to take photos.

Portrait of Amira Hyneman in red dress at Chambers Creek Regional Park Tacoma

So there you have it, the five best portrait locations in Chambers Bay. But you certainly are not limited to just these five. There are still the hills in the park, the walking path, trees, and the whole northern portion of the park. I've seen a lot of different creative portraits taken here. Needless to say, Chambers Bay is worth a visit for everyone, but especially someone looking for a place to take photos.

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