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Running Around Chambers Bay

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

This last week I met up with the Tacoma Portrait Photographers group at Chambers Bay to take some shots around sunset. This was such a great experience. It was fun going out taking pictures with others, and the lighting was perfect.

portrait of boy at chambers bay park Tacoma

In ended up just being one other member, myself, and her son. Her son had come as a volunteer to be our model. His mother said that in exchange for being our model he didn't have to stay home and clean. It seemed like a pretty good trade to me.

Taking picture of Tavyon was definitely a different experience than taking photos of adults. He had a lot more energy, and was very unabashed by having his picture taken (both great qualities for a photo subject).

We started out the shoot by trying a couple simple posed shots, but quickly learned that this wasn't quite the way to go about the process. It wasn't that fun for Tavyon, and who want to have their picture taken when they're board?

So we asked Tavyon what he wanted to do, and spent the rest of the evening half following him and half directing him. This mostly meant he was running around and striking ninja poses on the tops of hills we walked to. And while this led to some blurry photos when he moved out of focus (like the one below) it overall meant for a great time, and some great candid portraits.

picture of boy running at chambers bay park Tacoma
Running out of focus

Like with everyone I take portraits of, I showed Tavyon the pictures I was taking and get his feedback on how I was doing. He was a tough critic, but in the end we managed to get some photos he liked.

This was honestly my first time taking photos at Chambers Bay and it did not disappoint. Between the amazing scenery and great time taking photos with Tavyon, I'm looking forward to my next shoot there.

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